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Receiving the Fuel Tanks Schematic:

  • Configure Satellite Mission from the Ground Control Station

  • Small chance from Aerospace Research

  • Participating in the Grab a Hopper Tournament.

  • Participating in Marisol's Tournament

  • Purchasing From Duskworks Landing

What does the Fuel Tank do?

The Fuel Tank's main function is the distribution of Rocket Fuel. Due to the volatility of Rocket Fuel, it is unable to be traded on the Marketplace. Duskworks advises settlers to instead set up Fuel Tanks filled with Methalox as rentable "gas stations" for settlers to pick up Rocket Fuel for their Hoppers.

Rocket Fuel can be created out of Pure or Impure Methalox, filling three cryogenic canisters at a time.

Rocket Fuel can not be sold on the in-game market. Additionally, there is no current use for Rocket Fuel but will be used soon for Hoppers.

Crafting the Fuel Tank:

Building: Engineering Bay

Fuel Tank Building Information

Fuel Tank Setup Recipes

No setup is required for the Fuel Tanks Building.

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