Ad Astra Unlimited Resource Encyclopedia: What Even Is A Fiat?


The Dusk coin is the main form of currency being used to trade between settlements of the Duskworks. It is acquired through the markets, actions and countless other methods. It can be spent on resources or withdrawn and converted into other currencies.


  • Selling Resources (Marketplace)

  • Depositing Dusk (DEX)

  • Certain Actions (Action)

Used in:

  • Buying Resources (Marketplace)

  • Buying Buildings/Items/Etc (Shop)

  • Withdrawing Dusk (DEX)

Cantina Coin

Cantina coins are gained by trading in titanium or aluminum plates into the shop, these are then used to preform Cantina Jobs. The origination of Cantina Coins came from a need for a new form of currency for shadier buisiness deals.


  • Buy Cantina Coins (Shop)

Used in:

  • Cantina Missions (Cantina)

Bazaar Coin (C-U-R-E-L-M)

Trading Bazaar coins can be acquired through trading in building shards and can then be further exchanged for other shards within the Trading Bazaar. A form of intellectual trade as researchers and engineers share their designs for better and more efficient buildings.


  • Buy Trading Bazaar Coins (Shop)

Used in:

  • Shard Exchange (Trading Bazaar)

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