📚Ambassador Program

Welcome to the Million on Mars Ambassador Program!


The Million on Mars Ambassador Program is a Treasury funded content creation program. We're looking for Content Creators of all sizes to join us in creating fun and exciting Million on Mars content from podcasts to walkthroughs, gameplay breakdowns, or speedruns.


  • Fill out the form linked below to join the program.

  • Ambassador could include a youtube video, twitch stream, podcast, blog, etc.

  • Approved creators will be able to claim a bounty prize of Dusk or other in-game bonuses for producing 1 or more pieces of content in a given Mon-Sun Calendar Week.


  • 1500 Dusk per week that content is released

  • Content Creator Role in Discord and NTT Badge on Blockchain!

  • The longer you're in the program the more your rewards increase. (See below)



2,000 Dusk/Week


$25 MoM Merch Credit


2,500 Dusk/Week


$25 MoM Merch Credit


3,000 Dusk/Week


$25 MoM Merch Credit

Content Creators fill out the form below to apply:


Q. I've been producing Million on Mars Content for a while now, does my old content count? A. For the purposes of determining Long Term Rewards, Content Creators may reach out to the Million on Mars team and discuss their previous content on a case by case basis. There will be no rewards alloted for content created before the program launch. Q. Do I need my own Channel? A. Yes, content will be paid out per channel, not per person. Sorry podcast members, you'll each need your own gig to qualify individually. Q. How long will this program run? A. We don't have a closing date for the Ambassador Program at this time. Q. What is expected from Million on Mars Ambassadors? A. We dont require that our Ambassadors sell the Ambassador program, it's benefit is for the creators! However we do ask if you use Million on Mars Assets and the Ambassador title in your social bios or content we would appreciate keeping this content positive towards the brand.

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