Ad Astra Development Zone History: Significant Buildings
Artifacts are exceptionally well-constructed buildings in Million on Mars that are named in honor of characters from the narrative of Buffalo Commons as well as famous scientists and engineers.
Artifacts have a number of exciting attributes: Each Artifact acts very similarly to the building blueprints in that they are installed onto Land Plots. When installed on a Land Plot the three-word plot name and plot id are updated on the Artifact’s mutable data.
Each Artifact is a Mythic building that has been upgraded through to level 5, thus they will always have the highest benefits, fastest speeds, complete recipes, and best loot tables of that building class.
Each Artifact is unique. Yes. That is right, each of these artifacts is Mint #1 of 1.
We will never make another copy of Velma’s Mining Rig.
Artifacts cannot be burned. Artifacts are claimed. That is right - you can have your cake and eat it too! Each Artifact NFT lives simultaneously as an NFT and as an in-game virtual building that is able to be installed on land plots.
Each Artifact comes pre-loaded with 15,000 Dusk from the Repository.
Yes, Artifacts are the second expression of the greater player-driven economic loops where fees such as Marketplace and Jobs are cycled back as rewards for players of gameplay achievement. The Refer-a-Friend system is the first form of cycling back the player fees to players that grow Land Rush.
Each Artifact has a dedicated recipe for the daily claim of 150 Dusk, with a 20-hour cool-down. The remaining Dusk balance on each Artifact is written as mutable data on the NFT.
Each Artifact has a high Cultural Point value that will be used in the upcoming Habitats and Settlements expansion.
Naturally, as each Artifact is an NFT, the owning player may choose to trade or sell the Artifact at any time. The Million on Mars: Land Rush server listens to changes of ownership for the NFTs in our collection and when we detect that that Artifact has changed hands a number of actions take place:
  • Any crafting currently underway inside the Artifact building is canceled and the inputs are destroyed (no refunds of input materials)
  • The current plot of land mutable data is wiped clean of the Artifact.
  • The new owner of the Artifact NFT will see the NFT card with the button to claim this NFT, use it in-game and install it on their plot of land.
  • The new player now has the right to claim any remaining Dusk balance on the Artifact NFT via the special recipe on the building with the 20-hour cool-down
How to Get an Artifact!?
Okay those are the attributes of Artifacts - but how to actually get one of these precious mint #1 of 1 NFTs?
Play Land Rush - and play it hard!
Shards of Artifacts are rare drops across a variety of game systems. Play these game systems and if you are fortunate and/or play hard you will soon be collecting Artifact Shards!
Be the first player to collect 100 Shards of a particular Artifact and rush to the in-game Shop and select the Artifact that matches your 100 Shard collection and turn it in and ring the bell! For example, through a combination of Ice Mining and Regolith Mining perhaps you were the first player to collect 100 Shards of Velma’s Mining Rig.
Artifacts also have their own special icon on the ingame map!
Generic Tasks:
  • Scavenging! - Loot Boxes from cargo caravans, hoppers, and wayward rovers occasionally leave behind valuable resources - but you will need to find a Key Card or if you are feeling lucky - Key Jammers might do the trick.
  • The Cantina - The Scrap Collection has a much better chance for an Artifact Shard vs Transport Ice deal, and far better than the Shred Some Seeds
  • Redeem Blueprint Credit - strong rumors that the Bazaar has scattered some Artifact Shards in the Redeem Credit loot
  • Mining - recent advances in the Mining Rigs have them being sensitive to delicate Shards of Artifacts and will alert the mining operators of these treasures. Naturally, drilling deeper into Mars yields stronger results.
Specific Tasks:
  • Explorer Missions - Explorer Rovers just got a software update and their sensors are now tuned to locate Artifact Shards across the surface of Mars. Note that the 50% Risk has a much better chance than the 20% Risk Mission option.
  • Grind and Brew - Brewing a Cup of coffee is a great way to get that clarity of mind to start your day - and to spot those Artifact Shards!
  • Soytastic! - These wonder pods of green protein have increased their yields and are now occasionally sprouting Artifact Shards!
List of all the Artifacts in the game.