Duskworks Hand-Guide: Ejecta? Debris? Treasure.
In accordance with the Mars Scavenging Laws officiated by the AADZ Advisory Council following a dispute of property between Duskworks and AADZ, scavenging had grown incredibly popular for aspiring settlers. Following these laws, a sort of maritime law of lost goods was established in an effort to clean up the surface of unfortunate hopper rocket missions. There also exists easily obtained pockets of good chunks of Regolith, near-surface Ice and other materials easily scavenged by the new scavenging tools created by the Duskworks.
Keep your eyes peeled for copper colored containers, we're not sure where they're from, probably some corpo's private luxury rocket that went down a few months back. Grab 'em if you can. - Rodriguez, Duskworks Settler.
NOTE: Prices on resources will vary, these are numbers at the time of writing 3/3/2022

Normal Scavenging

The scavenge loot table works off of a group system, out of every group only ONE item can be chosen (or lack thereof). For an example, you can either get Ice or Water Rich Clays, you can't get both.
From the plot view, you can scavenge for resources needed. Just press on the scavenging button on the bottom.
Currently, it doesn't matter where you scavenge. Later on, this may change.
Scavenging consumes one stamina and tool power which can be replenished by using a full power cell in the Actions Menu! You eventually need to eat and drink to replenish that energy!
  • Scavenging consumes a resource:
    Scavenging Tool Power
    Scavenging Tool Power. This resource is designed to stay between 1 and 100.
  • An action can be used to refill 20
    Scavenging Tool Power
    Scavenging Tool Power by consuming the power of 1
    Full Power Cell
    Full Power Cell.
  • Players will get 10
    Scavenging Tool Power
    Scavenging Tool Power from their free Daily Rations collection.
You never know what you might get! You'll at least get some needed resources, like ice and regolith, but sometimes you find a power cell just lying around. You will also get some Scavenging XP for scavenging.
You can see your updated resources at any time in your Inventory (left side, box icon)

Advanced Scavenging

Advanced scavenging can be done by clicking on the ADV. SCAVENGE button. However, in order to preform advanced scavenging you'll need
Scavenging Tools. Scavenging tools can be bought and obtained like any other Tool, read more about tools below:
Every advanced scavenge will use 1
Scavenging Tool, as well as 1
Stamina and 1
Scavenging Tool Power
Scavenging Tool Power.
Advanced scavenging will give different (and typically better) rewards than normal scavenging that scale up with your level.
Advanced Scavenging loot is broken up into categories, which are unlocked by having higher scavenging skill. Scavenging can be leveled up through the Training Hall.
Level Unlocks
Advanced Scavenging picks randomly between all the categories of loot that you have unlocked. For example, being being level 1, you would only get Category 1 Loot. While if you were level 86, you would get Category 1 through Category 5 Loot.
Level Required
Category 1 Loot
Category 2 Loot
Category 3 Loot
Category 4 Loot
Category 5 Loot
Category 6 Loot
Category 7 Loot