Duskworks Merging and Upgrading Guide
Blending is the process of combining two or more smaller "things" into something bigger or of higher quality! The onmars collection houses several blends for settlers such as yourself to take a part in.
Make sure to log into NeftyBlocks in order for the blends to be able to read your wallet contents!
To start blending assets, go to and click on one of the blends that you are interested in.
A list of blendable items
Let's say, for example, I wanted to partake in this blend: After clicking on its card, we're brought to this screen:
From here, you can either click on the Auto-select button to allow NeftyBlocks to automatically pick what NFTs you need to blend, or you can manually select them just below that button.
After you've selected all the required NFTs, the Blend button will be highlighted and you can now press it to receive your new NFT!