Link Your Wallet

Duskworks Registration Brochure: Credit and Currency
Credit systems on Earth weren't originally designed with Mars accounts in mind, so when aspiring colonists wish to link their Dusk accounts with Earthern currency, they go through interplanetary middlemen. Information on linking these accounts together on your holo-wrist device is avaliable below.
Next, you need to link your WAX wallet to your account in order to use the NFTs. First, click on the profile button on the left (highlighted below.)
You only need to link one WAX wallet -- either a WAX cloud wallet or an Anchor wallet.
After you link your wallet, do a quick logout and log back into your account.
Notice the new icons that have been added to the navigation bar on your player screen!

If you need a new WAX wallet

You can easily obtain a WAX cloud wallet and WAX wallet address in a couple of clicks at Click Wax Cloud Wallet under the Get Started tab.
Create your WAX Cloud Wallet
Once you create an account, you'll be taken to your wax wallet.
Your WAX wallet with the WAX address shown in the top right corner. This example has 'wallet.wax' as the WAX address.
Once you have a WAX wallet (and remain logged into it), you can go back to your profile and click Link WAX Wallet to link.
Please note you need to stake some CPU/NET and purchase some RAM in order to do transactions on the WAX blockchain.
Please note that the purchase for buying WAXP varies by global jurisdiction and is beyond the scope of our game. You will need to obtain some WAXP to play the game.