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Game Navigation Overview

Duskworks Registration Brochure: Terminal Tutorial
A standard issue piece of technology that comes with the Access Badge is the Duskworks holo-wrist device. This small device that can be attached to either the wrist of a settler's EVA suit or connected to a monitor device will display information about your colony, current metabolism, energy levels and human stamina levels. The device can also fetch news broadcats from local Duskworks stations and connect with the global marketplace and shop systems in order to purchase supplies.
Once you have an access badge and a linked wallet at, you should be able to start playing! If you're getting errors, please reach out for support.
Here's an overview of the main navigation. When you start playing you may not see all of these icons right away. That's OK! Just start playing, and you'll start to see how it all fits together.
The main idea is that you want to use your stamina to perform work on Mars to earn "Dusk" -- that's the currency used by settlers who have flown in on Leon Dusk's flights out to the rogue zones of Mars.
You can travel the land and take jobs offered by landowners to help build their settlements, and you can earn enough to buy your own little slice of heaven.
Along the way, you can also scavenge for needed resources. Don't forget to eat every so often, to top up that needed stamina! To get started, click on the Mars globe in the upper left.