The heart, brains and soul of a Combat Rover

Greetings, commanders! Star Pilot here once again, bringing you news on an essential piece of technology for your combat rovers on Mars – the AutoGICore.

The AutoGICore is an advanced modular autonomous intelligence system, designed specifically for armed combat rovers. Its cutting-edge machine learning algorithms allow it to adapt to the ever-changing battlefield conditions, while its sophisticated sensors and communication systems ensure seamless operation. At the core of every combat rover, the AutoGICore stores and generates the CoRAGE stats that define your rover's capabilities.

Crafting an AutoGICore requires a schematic, which can be purchased for $20 in various tokens or acquired through gameplay systems. You'll also need to craft four key modules: Navigation, Weapons, Sensor, and Communications. These modules can be crafted in the Roverworks, Engineering Bay, Machine Shop, and 3D Printer respectively.

With a focus on scarcity, new AutoGICore schematics will be released monthly in limited quantities. You can harvest an AutoGICore from a combat rover by sending it to a Combat Bay, which burns the NFT and announces the rover's retirement globally. This process clears all experience gained, allowing the AutoGICore to re-roll CoRAGE stats.

Once installed into a Combat Rover Chassis, the AutoGICore's CoRAGE stats are determined using the classic 4d6 system, dropping the lowest die. Should you wish to re-roll your AutoGICore's stats, you can do so by paying a fee in Glitter.

In the ever-evolving world of Dust, Rust, and Glory, the AutoGICore is your key to unlocking your combat rover's full potential. Customize, adapt, and overcome, commanders!

Star Pilot, Steward of Dust, Rust, and Glory

At the heart of every autonomous combat rover is an AutoGICore that is constantly running various battle scenarios and learns from each battle in the Arena. This also allows the combat rover to be given a unique name by you and minted and have its meta data - like win/lose ratio, total Prestige points won, hard point load-outs and level. AutoGICore is divided into several key modules, each of which is responsible for a specific aspect of the rover's operation. The Navigation module uses GPS and other sensors to provide accurate location information and route planning, while the Weapons module controls the firing of the rover's weapons.

The Sensor module is responsible for detecting and tracking targets, while the Communications module enables the rover to receive and transmit data from other rovers and ground stations. The Power module ensures that the rover has a reliable source of power and can operate for extended periods of time.

One of the key features of AutoGICore is its ability to operate in a fully autonomous mode, without any input from human operators. This allows the rovers to operate in remote or hazardous environments where it would be dangerous or impossible for humans to go.

AutoGICore is also designed to be modular and scalable, allowing it to be easily customized and adapted to different rover models and mission requirements. This makes it a versatile and flexible system that can be used in a variety of different applications, from military operations to scientific exploration.

Overall, AutoGICore is a cutting-edge autonomous intelligence system that is essential for the operation of armed combat rovers on Mars, providing advanced navigation, sensing, communication, and weapon control capabilities that are crucial for success in this challenging environment.

AutoGICore Crafting:

  • AutoGICore Schematic ~$20 available in limited quantities in Solana, Wax, Matic, Dusk, Glitter Tokens and a certain amount from gameplay systems.

  • 1 Navigation Module (crafted in Roverworks)

  • 1 Weapons Module (crafted in Engineering Bay)

  • 1 Sensor Module (crafted in Machine Shop)

  • 1 Communications Module (crafted in 3D Printer)

New AutoGICore Schematics will be released monthly on a slow cadence with an eye on scarcity with the goal that all rovers have reliable secondary market sales.

Combat Rovers may be sent into a Combat Bay and have their AutoGICore harvested and a player can start over building up another combat rover. This burns the NFT, and a Good News Radio (GNR) announcement is made globally that the combat rover named XYZ with a Dust, Rust and Glory of record of X wins and Y losses has been sent to the afterworld of Rovers. All experience gained is cleared and the AutoGICore is able to re-roll CoRAGE stats. After the AutoGICore is crafted and installed into a Combat Rover Chassis the CoRAGE stats are rolled using the classic system of 4d6 and dropping the lowest die. AutoGICore stats maybe be re-rolled by paying a fee in Glitter.

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