Duskworks Hand-Guide: Four Hands are better than Three.
Note: As of October 8, 2022, the Referral program has changed! If you were part of the older Dusk-fee based referral program, please contact support to find out the status of your referrals. If you are a Guild, please check in on Discord.

What is the Referral System?

Players can recruit friends and family to join them on their adventure on Mars. Referrers (the player recruiting their friends) can use their unique invitation link or send an email to invite a new player to start playing Million on Mars. After your referee (the recruited player) finishes the tutorial and purchases an access badge, they'll be linked to your account as a referral!

How to Refer a Friend

To refer a friend. The first step is to open up your Profile. You can find your refer a friend link there. Alternatively it can also be found in the referral menu also found in the Profile. Copy the Refer a friend link and have your new recruit sign up using that link! It's that easy.
We'll soon have support for a system that will let you e-mail them your sign up link directly!

What are the Rewards?

Earn Referral Points! These new points are the currency of the brand new Referral Shop. Purchase exciting rewards such as Martizens, Minting Tokens, Land Deeds, and for the largest of recruiters, perhaps snag a 1:1 Artifact! For those of you who want Dusk, it will remain in the Referral Shop as a reward. For each referred player that completes 30 Daily Jobs the player who referred them receives 30 Referral Points!
The referrer is also entitled to the treasury portion of the Job and Marketplace fees their referred players pay! (This equals 20% of the total fee, remember 80% of Dusk is always burned!)

Full FAQ

Q. What is the Million on Mars Referral Program? A. Players can recruit friends to join them on their adventure on Mars. Referrers can use their unique invitation link or send an email to invite a new player to start playing Million on Mars.
If the player being referred (Referee) links an access badge, they will be tied to the referrers account and they can begin earning rewards.
Q. How long will the Referral Program run? A. This current Referral Program does not currently have an end date.
Q. Who's eligible to participate in the new Referral Program. A. Existing Million on Mars players are eligible to become Referrers. New accounts are able to be linked as a Referee.
Q. Can I refer friends who have an old or inactive Million on Mars account? A. Not at this time.
Q. Can I invite more than one friend at a time? A. Yes, referrers can invite as many new players as they would like.
Q. Can my friends have their own referrals? A. Yes! They are free to invite any new players they would like! However a new player may only be linked to one referring account!
Q. How do I invite my friends? A. Using the Email Invitation or Referral Code
Q. What is my role in this program? A. Referrer- Onboard and encourage your Referee to complete thirty days of daily jobs so you can earn referral points! Referee- Play the game as normal! After collecting the daily job thirty times the player that referred you will earn a reward!
Q. If my friend is not logged in, how can they know their progress? A. At this time it is not possible to view referral status outside the game.
Q. I received my referral points. What's next? A. You can spend your referral points in the brand new referral section of the in-game shop!
Q.I no longer want to participate in the program, how can I leave? A. There is no current method of removing yourself from the program participation.
What do my friends have to do once they receive the invitation? A. Players that receive the email invitation or follow your direct sign-up link will need to register for the game, link their wallet, and purchase (or verify) an access badge. They will automatically be registered as your Referee!
Q. How will I know whether my friend accepted my invitation? A. They will appear in your referrals list found in the profile section of the game.
Q. What if I don’t see my friend listed in the in-game interface? A. Reach out to our player experience team and we’ll be happy to look into any issues. Here.
Q. How do I claim my referral rewards? A. You can claim your referral points or Dusk rewards from the referral interface found in the Profile.
Q. When do I receive rewards? A. You’ll automatically receive your portion of the in-game dusk fees of your referred players as they happen. Referral points are awarded after your referee completes 30 days of daily jobs.
Q. What are the benefits I get for inviting my friends? A. Referral Points that can be used in our Referral section of the In-game Shop. And, 100% of the dusk that would go to the treasury from the referred players marketplace and job fees! (Thats 20% of the total fee remember 80% of all Dusk from fees is burned)
Q. Are the rewards from the previous Referral program still available? A. Yes! You still receive the Dusk from fees, and the Dusk payout is still available as a shop item in the new referral shop available for Referral Points. Q. I previously referred a player in the old system, but they didn't reach 30 days yet. What happens? A. Only brand new referrals after October 8th will reward referral points. Anyone that reaches 30 daily jobs from a previous referral will still award 700 Dusk.