A Sub-Orbital Methalox breathing machine to get around on Mars!

For traveling around on the surface of Mars, Human rated Caravan Rovers are great, but with a top speed of 40 kph on "paved" Martian "roads" and 10-20 kph for rough terrain, it is time consuming to go farther than 200 km by rover. Starting in the 2050s clever Aerospace Engineers from across the greater Ad Astra Unlimited talent base created a home-grown "Hopper" Methalox rocket. Each of these Hoppers is traditionally assembled by their own crew of engineers, and each have distinct properties like payload, range, durability and accessories. Martians take a particular pride on building and customizing their own Hoppers as a form of rebellious human culture as humanity goes through the post-scarcity abundance of robotic labor. Settlers use their Hoppers to get to Duskworks Landing, to Waterloo City and to explore the vast richness that Mars has to offer. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Aerospace is a robust roadmap of features and content, on the first release there is the Ground Control Station, the Vulcan Metalworks, Rocket Fuel Factory and the Fuel Tanks. The next release for Aerospace will have the Velociraptor Engine Factory and Launch Pad. Then the Hangar and the Hopper!

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