R.C.O.V. Event

The Red Cliffs Of Valles

The Red Cliffs of Valles Marineris!

Our August Event Closes the month with a scavenging hunt to collect missing pages from the upcoming chapter of the Million on Mars Book! (While Supplies Last!)

Your Goal: Assemble 1 Final Crafted Item, "The Red Cliffs Of Valles", and claim a free Chapter 7 Bundle starting on Friday after the Chapter Sale goes live at 10am CT.


  • This will have a limited stock of 200 for the first players to complete the Set and Claim

  • An additional 50 Bundles will be reserved for Leaderboard rewards in our 2 Tournaments

  • After the supply runs out we will allow players to turn in the completed set for some small prizes like random research/profession papers.

The final item "The Red Cliffs Of Valles" is created from collecting 16 Unique Pages that are used to form 4 separate Parts to the book.

Complete Each of the 4 Parts individually, and then combine all 4 parts to complete the RCOV!


As part of your Goal to Collect all 16 pages you must first collect Unrevealed pages, which must be either studied in the Library or revealed in the Bazaar to determine what page you get.

Unrevealed Pages are found doing various actions around the game:

Part I Pages

  • Library Research

    • Primary Profession Research Only.

      • Higher the Tier, higher the chance of a drop.

    • Robotics 101 /Dynamics & Kinematics/Locomotion/Artificial Intelligence/Bionics and Biomimetics

    • Intro to Machining/201/301/40/501

    • Electronics 101/201/301/401/501

    • Exobiology 101/201/301/401/501

    • Areology 110/210/310/410/555

    • Intro to Fabrication/201/301/401/501

    • Chemistry 101/202/303/404/505

Part II Pages

  • Advanced Scavenging

    • Higher Tiers of Scavenging Skill have a higher chance of drops.

Part III Pages

The longest timers have the best rates... Shorter timers from upgrades do not reduce chances.

  • Harvesting Crops

    • Plant Sprouts

    • Plant Lettuce

    • Plant Carrot

    • Plant Sweet Potato

    • Plant Soy

    • Grow Mushrooms

    • Plant Coffee

    • Plant Bamboo

    • Plant Sorghum

  • Making Coffee

    • Roast Coffee Beans

    • Grind Beans (Small)

    • Grind Beans (Medium)

    • Grind Beans (Large)

    • Brew Coffee (S)

    • Brew Coffee (M)

    • Brew Coffee (L)

  • Making Baijiu (In the Tea House)

  • Filtering Water

    • Filter Water

    • Filter Water II

    • Filter Water III

Part IV Pages

  • Daily Mission Completion (100% chance of a page)

  • G&V Wins (low chances be warned)

    • 1x Match

    • 2x Match

    • 3x Match

    • 3x Bonus Match

All Pages (Very low global chances)

  • G&V Loss

  • Rusty Rigs

Other Details: Pages will stop dropping from all non-global spots if players have too many existing pages that are unrevealed. (Scavenging also excluded)

Revealing Pages

Pages that are found must be identified, which can be done slowly in the Library (8 hours max, 4 hours @ LVL 10) or instantly with a small Dusk fee in the Bazaar.

Revealed pages can be:

  • Combined in the Actions Menu to Complete a Part of the RCOV (4 Matching Pages Required)

  • Sold inside the In-Game Marketplace to other players

  • Used in the Trading Bazaar to roll for special items when you combine 3 of the same revealed page (Coming Soon)

    • Random Unrevealed Page

    • Revealed Pages

    • Library Blueprint

    • Library Shards.


  • Limited Quantities of Auto-Revealed Part 1-4 Pages are available in the shop in a time limited Category.

  • Part 1-4 Are available for Surveyor Coins and Resource Credits

  • Part 4 Are also available for Duskworks Accommodation

  • Note: Purchasing these will award 1 random page from the matching Part at equal chances. You do not earn Leaderboard points for shop purchases.

  • Leaderboards

There will be 1 Competition and 1 Raffle Leaderboard running during this event:


  • Requirement: Complete the RCOV Set - 1 Entry Per Player

Winners: 25

Prizes: 25x Ch. 7 + Library Bundles


  • Revealed Pages - 1 Pt

  • Completed Part - 25 Pt

  • Completed Set - 500 Pt

Prizes: Ch. 7 + Library Bundles, Library Shards, and More!

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