Lucky Mars 2023


Celebrate the luck of the Irish on Mars with our exciting Lucky Mars Event! This limited-time event features exclusive in-game items, unique crafting recipes, and an engaging theme centered around St. Patrick's Day. Players can immerse themselves in festive activities, grow lucky clovers, and create various themed items to show off their Martian holiday spirit.

Themed Crafting Recipes:

Players can use exclusive recipes to create St. Patrick's Day-inspired items such as Lucky Smoothies, Irish Soda Bread, and Green Irish Coffee. These recipes require various ingredients, including some that are event-specific, such as Clovers and Green Food Dye.
There will even be some limited time Cooking Classes you can take in the Library! (Starting Week - 2)

Clover Planting

Players can purchase a Lucky Mars Seed Pack containing Clover Seeds and plant them on Mars. By nurturing the plants with Water and Soil, players can grow Clovers that have a small chance of yielding a rare Four Leaf Clover. If you find a Four Leaf Clover, you can exchange it for a random sellable event recipe.
For more information about Four Leaf Clovers, see the “Lucky Items” section!

Limited Time Event Recipes (Key Ingredients):

  • Plant Clovers - Clover Seed + Water + Soil
  • Make Lucky Smoothie - Clovers + Water + Sprout Seeds
  • Make Irish Soda Bread - Dried Dwarf Wheat + Water + Baking Soda + Green Food Dye
  • Extract Green Food Dye - Clover + Distilled Water + Ethanol
  • Brew Green Irish Coffee - Ground Coffee + Water + Distilled Whiskey + Green Food Dye

Permanent New Recipes:

Alongside the themed recipes, players can also engage in crafting new items like Distilled Whiskey, Baking Soda, Vinegar, and more. These will expand Chemistry and provide some early progression into Cooking for players.

New Recipes (Key Ingredients):

  • Distill Whiskey - Dried Dwarf Wheat + Wort + Yeast + Distilled Water
  • Distill Water - Glass + Water
  • Make Ethanol - Dried Dwarf Wheat + Yeast + Water
  • Collect Acetate - Distilled Water + Power (Note: this recipe will require players to craft an Acetate Capture Kit for their Sabatier Reactor.)
  • Make Vinegar - Acetate + Distilled Water
  • Capture Ammonia - Nitrogen + Hydrogen + Iron
  • Make Baking Soda - Halite + Water + Ammonia + Vinegar


During this event we'll be hosting a Ranked and Raffle style leaderboard each week. For a total of 4 Leaderboards ( 2 Each Week) Players will receive a weekly mission with quick actions they can use to make their choice between the Ranked or Raffle style leaderboard that they would like to participate in for that week. So choose wisely! Expect to see a large amount of Dusk as the rewards for these leaderboards, we'll be feeding a significant amount of Dusk from the Event sales back into the leaderboard prize tables!
The Ranked leaderboards will offer better rewards. Players have two separate weeks to choose their preferred leaderboard style, but can only participate in one type on a given week.
Players can earn points on the Leaderboard by turning in Lucky Items!

Lucky Items:

These items have special value in the event. They can be turned in using quick actions in the Leaderboards.
Four Leaf Clovers are found at a 3% rate from harvesting Clovers, and can be turned in for 100 Points on the leaderboard.
Lucky Coins are found at a low rate from Scavenging. They earn you 50 points on the leaderboard when turned in.
Dusk Nuggets are found from Mining and can be turned in for 25 points on the leaderboard and a draw from the special event Dusk Pool.
Lucky Smoothies (Green Smoothies) are made in the Commissary Kitchen and are worth 10 Points when turned in.
Irish Soda Bread is also made in the Commissary Kitchen and is worth 30 Points when turned in.
Green Irish Coffee is made in the Grind & Brew and is worth 40 Points when turned in.


Leaderboard Missions

Each week players will have their choice between the ranked or raffle style leaderboard. Make sure you're watching for the Lucky Leaderboard Mission to make your choice!

Event Missions

Players will be able to also participate in a series of event missions! We'll be releasing throughout the event. Cuisines of Earth - Recipe Identification and Synthesizing Chemicals for Martian Mixology are two completion missions for the event they may be completed at any time to earn event participation achievements for acquiring all the event recipes. We also have two mission chains available the Lucky Mars - Cooking and Lucky Mars - Chemistry, put your recipes to the test and work your way through these three mission chains for some event themed stamina item rewards.

Lucky Mars - Cooking:

Putting Knowledge into Practice - Lets start with a Lucky Smoothie!
Baking Basics on Mars - Time to Practice your Bread Skills.
Green Martian Mixology - Whiskey is the way.

Lucky Mars - Chemistry

Chemicals for Festive Green Drinks - Ethanol 101
Acetic Acid Adventure - Acetate is complicated.
Harvesting Essential Ingredients - Ammonia and Baking Soda?!