Getting Started
Start playing Million on Mars: Land Rush at
Million on Mars: Land Rush (Land Rush) is a real-time strategy game where you can craft your settlement on a unique piece of Mars! Acquire plots of land and install buildings, plant crops, produce energy, filter water, and build an empire of “Dusk,” our in-game virtual currency.
Land Rush is play-to-earn on the WAX and Solana blockchain. To play the game you need a WAX or Solana wallet. You can create a WAX cloud wallet at
First, you’ll want to buy a “Land Rush Player Access Pack” on AtomicHub. You can check for deals in the marketplace, or if they’re scarce, head over to NeftyBlocks and pick one up for about $10 USD. Make sure to go through the pack opening to unwrap the access badge NTT inside!
You might also want to buy some land packs, supply packs, and building blueprint packs, but you can start playing right away with just the Access Badge.
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(Russian version of the Player Guide Link, outdated.)
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