Actions and Stamina

AADZ: Task Guide
Eating in front of the gorgeous gardens of the Waterloo Square on Mars is one of the largest tourist attractions between the two sister planets. Coffee brewed from Lex Fridman's Kettle, the most luxurious coffee producer in the solar system is shipped across worlds for those to enjoy. Genetically enhanced food created from the Gregor Mendel's Greenhouse is said to be heavenly and invoke feelings of hope and pride in those who consume it. Mars is not just our second home, it is our future.
The Actions menu is full of important actions that your settler can preform. These actions can change periodically so make sure to check in every so often to see if anything has changed!

Understanding the Actions Menu:

The action column lists the name of the action, if you see (🎲) by the action's name, it means that the output is variable and not guaranteed. In cases like the Copper Lockbox it will show all the possible rewards, which means you won't always get these rewards when you open the lockbox. The exact chances for the items inside the lockboxes are variable because of their lockbox-nature.
Rusty Rigs by Jack (🎲) is another example of a more gambling-focused action. This has a low chance of giving you a mining rig at a cost of 20 Dusk per spin. The Mining Rig is not guaranteed from the first pull!


Eating is the primary way to gain stamina, and from that you have three different options. A snack, meal or feast. The snack option will be the most efficient but you can only do one of these every four hours so you may run out of stamina by just running Eat Snack. Eating a feast however, will you give a much larger amount of stamina for those four hours in exchange for using up much more resources.
You can get food from growing crops in the Greenhouse or purchasing it from the Marketplace, you can get water from filtering it from ice in a water filter, a Rodriguez well from the polar workshop or buying it from the Marketplace.
You can also regain stamina from the Drink Coffee action, to get coffee you will need to either buy it from the Marketplace or produce it from the Grind N' Brew.
Stamina is needed for nearly every action in the game, from building tasks to scavenging. If you run out of stamina, you can still play the game however if you have buildings, as you can set up Job Orders.
There is no hard cap for Stamina, however settlers can not do any stamina increasing actions if they're at 70 stamina or more. This makes the effective hard cap 105 Stamina.
69 Stamina + 36 (Max Feast Stamina) = 105.
NOTE: Some actions may not be still active depending on the time this guide is being read... Yeah, I'm talking to you mister future reader! Let babooshonmars#1535 know if this is out of date.