Scorpimas 2022

Scorpimas is a Martian Tradition. Find out all about the 2022 edition of this holiday event.

Scorpius on Mars: Returning Scorpimas Gifts & Candy Canes!

Scorpimas Gifts

  • Scorpimas Gifts will drop when doing Advanced Scavenging.
  • Scorpimas Gifts will contain small random rewards (shards, lockboxes, soil, and candy canes) along with some special surprises!
  • Scorpimas Gifts can also be donated to a Ranked Leaderboard which contains a Mythic Polar Workshop (Gen3) & Glitter.
  • The 2022 Edition - Golden Scorpimas Gift may also appear very very rarely.
There are a limited supply of Golden Wrapped Presents to be found, so good luck getting them before they run out!
  • Scorpimas Gifts will not be openable until 12/24

Candy Canes

  • Candy Canes will drop when doing Advanced Scavenging.
  • Use Candy Canes as crafting materials for new recipes!
Candy Canes & Wrapped Presents will stop dropping past 12/25

New Recipes:

Polar Workshops and Roverworks have new limited time recipes which require Candy Canes to craft. Scorpius Goods will be able to be exchanged in new daily actions for rewards.

Scorpius Goods

  • Players must Fuel their Polar Workshop with Candy Canes to produce Snowmen.
  • Roverworks can now craft Toy Rovers using Candy Canes for decoration.
Crafting of Scorpius Goods ends on 12/25


  • Craft Snowballs for the Scorpimas Snowball Fight in the Polar Workshop.
  • Three Tiers of Crafting Snowball, the better your Polar Workshop the more snowballs you can craft!

Hot Showers

Those snowball fights are cold. Frozen players need to warm back up with a Hot Shower.
  • Hot Showers can now be found in Habitats, Shelters, and the Duskworks Landing!
  • Use Hot Showers to clear your Frozen Status from the Snowball Fight Leaderboard.

Event Activities:

Join the Leaderboards!

Scorpimas Snowball Fight -

This Raffle Style leaderboard has a Polar Workshop (M) up for grabs and much more!
  • Throw Snowballs for points. (Watch out, you have a chance to freeze, preventing you from participating until you warm up.)
This tournament runs until the 30th of December.

Scorpimas Gift Giving -

This Ranked Style leaderboard has a Glitter, Thorium Reactors and much more up for grabs!
  • Use the new Leaderboard Actions to turn in gifts for points!
  • Golden Gifts are worth more points then Wrapped Presents.
This tournament runs until the 25th of December.

Share Gifts

Returning Action: Share Scorpius Gifts! Doable every 12 hours, sharing these craftable Scorpius gifts yields some generous rewards!
All unused Scorpius resources WILL be removed from the game after the event is over.