Duskworks Tools and How Not To Describe Your Coworkers

Tools come in all shapes, sizes, and even adjustable sizes. They are universal in that they are used in every profession, yet specific as each profession and talent requires a different form. You don't use a voltmeter to draw a painting. However they both use tools, a voltmeter and a paintbrush. In this section, we look over how tools function and how they are integral to the settlement of Mars.

Getting Tools

There are more than a few ways to obtain tools. The most common being to purchase them, from either the in-game marketplace or the shop. You can also buy tools as a NFT.

The Marketplace

You can find tools to buy in the marketplace by pressing on the TOOLS category. There you can see a list of all the different tools being sold on the marketplace.

These tools are sealed, meaning that when you open them, they'll reward you with a number of tools for that profession based on their rarity.

RarityTools Recieved













Back in my day, our tools came in boxes with no fancy electronic screen, and the 10mm socket was always missing.

Opening Tools

Opening tools makes them illegible to sell on the Marketplace, make sure to only open them if you're going to use them.

In order to open a Sealed Tools item, you'll need to head over to your inventory and scroll down to the Tools section.

From there, its as simple as pressing OPEN and pressing CONFIRM. Enjoy using your tools in your settlement for the betterment of mankind.

Using Tools

Tools of course, are not much use on their own. Maybe you could use them as drumsticks, but that's not really all that helpful to the rest of the Duskworks.

Using tools is just like any other resource, in fact, they're displayed right along-side them. Take the Create Air Tank recipe as an example. Tools are used for recipes that are more profession specific and in this case we can see that it takes 2 Fabrication tools. The type of tool lines up with the type of recipe, being a Fabrication recipe. (We can see that it is a fabrication recipe by the fact it gives Fabrication XP)

Tools are consumed on use.

Making Tools

Maybe you're the self-sufficient type, or maybe you're the kind who wants a monopoly over the entire industry. No matter what kind of background, some of you may want to make tools yourself.

The 3D Print Shop contains all the novice variants of tools that you can make yourself.

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