The Shop

Duskworks Registration Brochure: Phobos-No-More
Originally, the larger of the two moons, Phobos was used as a staging ground for the Ad Astra Landings. Resources and building kits were sent from the Stickney crater, an impact crater that takes up a substantial portion of the Moon's surface. Now-a-days, colonization and industry has advanced far enough on the surface of Mars that the operations moved from the Moon to the AADZ. Now Duskworks settlers can purchase goods, buildings and even get in contact with accommodation services.
To access the shop you need to click on this button
and you will be brought to a page that looks like this
The shop takes a variety of currency, from Titanium Plates, to Dusk, to Shards. To view what each section is for, look down below:


This section of the shop allows you to trade in Titanium Plate or Aluminum Plates for Cantina Coins.

Dusk Works Supplies

This section of the shop allows you to purchase packs and other resources using Dusk.

Duskworks Accommodation

This section of the shop allows you to trade in your Duskworks Accommodation for various high tier items like lands and high rarity solar panels. You can obtain Duskworks Accomodations through the action menu (Costs 30 Daily Rations and 250 Dusk) Surveyors Shop A whole new shop has opened up to reward the stalwart and adventurous Hauling and Explorer Rovers on Mars. This is where the recipe for the crafting of Hauling Tokens. Most of the missions in the Rover Works have a chance to win a Surveyor Token as part of the loot reward from the mission.

Trading Bazaar

There are several sections of the Trading Bazaar differentiated by their rarity, they all work similarly though. You can trade in a number of shards of the same type and rarity to obtain a matching rarity Trading Bazaar Coin.