📅Seasons of Dust, Rust and Glory

The Calendar of Seasons for Rover Combat on Mars

The Dust, Rust, and Glory rover combat league has a well-structured calendar of seasons, providing players with exciting new content and challenges. Each season introduces new weapons, armors, kits, PvP formats, and rover chassis, keeping the game fresh and engaging for players.

The seasons are organized as follows:

Pre-Season: Lasting weeks, it serves as a warm-up period for players before the official seasons begin. Season Zero to Season Eight: Each season has a specific level cap that increases by 10 with each subsequent season, up to a maximum of level 100. The regular seasons have a duration of months with two-week breaks in between. The seasonal structure ensures a steady progression for players, as they level up their combat rovers and face increasingly challenging content. The breaks in between seasons give players time to regroup and prepare for the next set of challenges.

The Dust, Rust, and Glory seasonal calendar promotes player engagement, as they anticipate new content and compete to reach the highest levels. The introduction of new weapons, armors, and rover chassis also encourages players to explore new strategies and tactics, fostering a dynamic and evolving game experience. #DustRustGlory #Seasons #RoverCombat


Start Date: April 4, 2023

Duration: Postponed

End Date: TBD

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