Posting Jobs for Others

Out of Stamina? A homesteader's work is never done! You can keep getting work done around the settlement, as long as you've got resources and power, and dusk to spend.
First start by creating a work order.
When you create a work order, you will decide how much Dusk the worker getS for completing your work order.
Head over to the Job menu and click on "Posted Jobs" to see all the work orders you have placed.
Let's say you have an uncommon solar panel now, with space for 3 tasks. You can post multiple jobs at once! Open any buildings with multiple task space. For me its going to be the uncommon solar panel You can see the counter in the upper right. Being that there is only capacity for 3 tasks, select up to 3. Once you have selected how many work orders you would like to post, click on the "POST WORK ORDER'" button.
Now, enter the amount of Dusk you would like to pay each worker and click the CONFIRM button!