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In Progress
In The Future
Continued Game Balance and Tweaks with Building Levels, Rarities and Skill Levels Settlements and Settlement wide view and controls Martizens Multi-wallet and Multi-chain Support Partnership code-name Snowflake Partnership code-name Seed & Spring Festival Event Six New Rover Missions Player Crafted Buildings Next Up: Walter Filter Smelter Engineering Bay
Summer of 2021, Core Game Released
September 2021, Founder's Program
September 2021, Marketplace
November 2021, Work Orders
November 2021, Public release
December 2021, Grind and Brew
December 2021, Dusk token on EOS
December 2021, Scorpius Holiday Event
December 2021, Factories on Mars Expansion
December 2021, Mines and Rovers Expansion
January 2022, Shards and Upgrades Expansion
January 2022, Cantina and Bazaar Expansion
January 2022, Quality of Life Update
January 2022, Artifacts Expansion
February 2022, Lunar New Event
February 2022, Pirate Radio Content Expansion
February 2022, Tools Expansion
Februrary 2022, Mobile UI Optimization
Februrary 2022, First Time Player Narrative Flow
March 2022, Library Expansion April 2022, Engineering Bay April 2022, Habitats and Renting
  • Settlement Wide Management Controls
  • Spring Festival
  • Leaderboards & Entry Pools
  • Terraforming Mars Expansion
  • Lonely Rover
  • Market and Shop Super Upgrade
  • Space Port
  • Rocket Testing
  • Hopper
  • July 4th Celebration
  • Rover Survey Missions
  • Rover vs Rover Arena (PvP)
  • Rover vs Rover Races (PvP)
  • Oktoberfest
  • Halloween
  • Solar System Map - LEO, GEO, Moon and Asteriod Plots
  • Phobos and Deimos Expansion
  • Sattelites, Shuttles and Spacecraft
  • Asteriod Belt Mining
  • Missions to Earth
  • Harvest Festival
  • Scorpius Holiday Event
Q1, 2023
  • Rover vs Rover Battlegrounds (PvP)


Summer of 2021, Core Game Released:
  • Globe view
  • Maps
  • Land Plots
  • Building Blueprints
  • Crafting
  • Energy Loop
September 2021, Founder's Program:
  • Special NFT players can purchase in order to receive periodic airdrops along with other benefits for a limited time.
September 2021, Marketplace:
  • Player-run marketplace with buy and sell orders plus various additional market features.
November 2021, Work Orders:
  • Created the work order system which allows players to set up jobs with other players who don't own a land plot, giving them the ability to exchange their stamina for Dusk.
November 2021, Public Release:
  • Million On Mars: Land Rush was publicly released.
December 2021, Grind and Brew Content Expansion:
  • Adding the new Grind and Brew building, along with coffee and other coffee-related items as an alternative source of stamina.
December 2021, Dusk Token on EOS:
  • Within 14 days of our public release, Dusk is able to be withdrawn and sold on a DEX such as Alcor.
December 2021, Scorpius Winter Holiday Event:
  • Polar workshop buildings were released, as well as a few holiday items, that could be scavenged from the ground.
  • The ability to create toys, such as miniature rovers, to exchange for rewards such as Dusk.
December 2021, Factories on Mars Expansion:
  • New factories to create more complex recipes and new game-play for players to enjoy.
December 2021, Mines and Rovers Expansion:
  • Added the ability to mine, a much more efficient process in acquiring regolith and other materials than scavenging.
  • Added Rovers, which can be sent out on missions with risks and rewards balanced around the safety of your rover.
January 2021, Shards and Upgrades Expansion:
  • Gave players the ability to upgrade their buildings, which speeds up the building's production rate.
  • Allowed players to dismantle buildings in order to obtain shards that can then be used to upgrade buildings.
January 2022, Cantina and Trading Bazaar Expansion:
  • Cantina
    • A sort of smuggling and black market tavern where players can complete rotating odd jobs and missions which payout mostly Dusk.
  • Trading Bazaar
    • A building that takes in unused shards and helps transfer them into more useful items.
January 2022, Quality of Life Update:
  • Lots of improvements and fixes to the game UI, responding to play feedback, and making the player's experience even more enjoyable. Updates include bulk actions, 24H prices, toasters, and organization to the marketplace and shop.
January 2022, Artifacts Expansion:
  • A new type of building that has only one of its kind in the game at any time. Artifacts are made through acquiring 100 special artifact shards and can only be made by one player once. They are also special in that they do not get burned when depositing them so you may trade your artifacts as well.
February 2022, Lunar New Year Event:
  • Added the Tea shop, fireworks, a traditional alcoholic drink named Baijiu, and dragon lanterns to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Large amounts of Dusk were able to be made if players found themselves fortunate.
February 2022, Pirate Radio Content Expansion:
  • Settlers across the greater Duskworks Landing will have started putting up their own radio stations on the Red Planet. Set up your own radio station and help unlock the Million On Mars soundtrack for all players while playing Million On Mars.
February 2022, Mobile UI Optimization:
  • Similar to the Quality of Life expansion, but for mobile. The goal being to increase mobile player experience.
February 2022, First Time Player Narrative Flow:
  • For first-time players, adding more narrative elements in order to express the story of Duskworks at a higher degree.
March 2022, The Library Content Expansion:
  • An upgradeable building with a sort of research-tree like gameplay flow with the player unlocking more recipes using chapters.

In Progress:

April 2022, The Engineering Bay:
  • A new building equipped with the tools to create large buildings and structures like the upcoming habitats.
April 2022, Habitats and Settlements Expansion:
  • Allow players to create Habitats for initial renting of Buildings based on set commodities costs and hourly dusk fees.
  • Allow players to create settlements that are congregations of the land plots they own.
  • Allow players to invite or join settlements owned by other players.
April 2022, Tools Expansion:
  • Grow the greater lore of Million on Mars and expand the worker profession with the implementation of specialized tools needed to do certain jobs. Gain Skill XP in a wide range of specializations, and unlock unique crafting recipes as you advance your skills. Spend your stamina offering work for landowners who need assistance with their expanding production, and command top Dusk value for your specialized skills you've invested in developing.

In the Future:

Q2, 2022

Lonely Rover:
  • Lonely rovers that get lost on the Wax blockchain, give them to players you know and have them bring them home.
Spring Festival
  • To Be Determined
Leaderboards & Entry Pools:
  • New ways to compare your progression with other players.

Terraform Mars Expansion:

  • Massive planet-wide missions where players work together to crease the atmospheric pressure, mitigate radiation, increase temperature, increase O2. With each milestone achieved, new gameplay systems on the roadmap are unlocked.
Market and Shop Super Upgrade:
  • On the chain, in-game, marketplace, and shop all rolled into one super upgrade!
Space Port:
  • To Be Determined
Rocket Testing:
  • To Be Determined
  • Hoppers are the people's method of getting around Mars for distances of >1000km, using sub-orbital rockets.
Settlement Wide Management Controls
  • New controls for the settlement system.

Q3, 2022

July 4th Celebration:
  • To Be Determined
Rover Survey Missions:
  • A mini-game involving guiding your rover around on a map of mars to discover useful supplies and loot, but beware of hazards!
Rover vs Rover Arena (PvP):
  • Build rovers, enter them into an arena, and fight for prizes. Players will be able to upgrade their rovers to get access to higher-ranked arenas and claim their spot as the best Rover fighter.
Rover vs Rover Races (PvP):
  • Cannonball run-esque races on the Martian surface using unmanned Rovers, prizes await intrepid racers!
  • Beer. Beer will be introduced to Mars, a favorite of the hardworking settlers inside Duskworks, Ad Astra Development zones, and everywhere in between.
  • Spooky scaries will come to Mars, and yes, the alien suit has already been taken.

Q4, 2022

Solar System Map - LEO, GEO, Moon, and Asteroid Plots.
  • Why stop at Mars? The Duskworks program will expand out to the greater solar system for new plots of lands, new crafting loops, and more.
Phobos and Deimos Expansion
  • The twin moons of Mars will come to Million On Mars, TBD.
Satellites, Shuttles, and Spacecraft.
  • To Be Determined
Asteroid Belt Mining
  • To Be Determined
Missions to Earth
  • To Be Determined
Harvest Festival
  • To Be Determined
Scorpius Holiday Event
  • To Be Determined

Q1, 2023

Rover Vs Rover Battlegrounds (PvP)
  • Larger scale battles between armies of Rovers for control of key resources maps on Mars as tensions grow between rising Martian powers.