Pirate Radio 3 Pack + Soundtrack

Pirate Radio Pack Contents Contains 3 Pirate Radio Blueprints. Blueprint NFT's can be deposited into Million on Mars: Land Rush. All Pirate Radio blueprints are of Special Rarity and upgrade with matching shards.
With the Pirate Radio, players can deposit music NFT's from the Million on Mars soundtrack to earn 'Vibes', a new tradeable resource that fuels the Pirate Radio broadcasts. Unlike other buildings, the Pirate Radio has recipes that have individual use cooldowns. This means that you must wait for the cooldown to end before you can use that recipe again. The cooldowns on the Million on Mars Soundtrack range from 4-24 hours.
Global Vibes Event
Setting up a Pirate Radio Network on Mars for everyone is no trivial task and will require extensive local testing from all participating Martians. Current estimates will mean we need to play through the album thousands of times before we have all the kinks in the system worked out. Once we have completed this calibration, everyone should be able to enjoy music on the red planet.
  • Every time you use the Pirate Radio, a global counter towards a milestone that unlocks a global music player for everyone will be incremented. (Note: Local music playback is not featured in the Pirate Radio building at launch.)
  • As an incentive to get the system online, Radio Pirates will receive Generous amounts of Stamina and Dusk when performing local broadcast tests! (The more you upgrade the building, the more tracks you get, and the more stamina and Dusk you can earn!
  • After reaching the global goals, the recipes in the Pirate Radio will change to provide random resources and items that may include stamina, dusk, shards, and limited time event rewards that can be earned by spending Vibes.
Soundtrack Details Get a copy of the official soundtrack for Million on Mars! This 10 track, 1 hour score was composed by musician Matt Gilmour Tracks can also be burned and used inside the game as fuel for the Pirate Radio!