Access Badge Million on Mars

Join us in terraforming Mars together! Scavenge the planet for resources, own land, and strategize to build your settlement. All you need to start is an Access Badge.
The complex crafting chains are endless fun and are grounded in real science, like using your sabatier reactor to split water and carbon dioxide into oxygen to breathe and methane fuel.
Along the way, buy, sell and trade resources in the in-game marketplace.
Cooperate with your global guild, or start and earn enough Dusk to buy your own plot!
We’re more than play-to-earn. It’s time to Play and Own!
What our players say: "I love Million on Mars because of its unique features. The complexity of resources production, good player ecosystem, every player relies on the other players (job feature) & most of all the economic balance in-game, unlike most games where the rewards pool is easily wiped."
Grab your Access Badge and start your adventure at
Please be mindful of the Rules of Land Rush:
  • One game account per adult human player.
  • No automated play.
  • No abuse or exploitation.
  • This is a game, not a financial product.
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