2x Cantina & Trading Bazaar Packs + 2x Bazaar Bonus Coins!

Cantina & Trading Bazaar Contents: Contains 3 Random Cantina or Trading Bazaar Blueprints. May contain any combination of the 2 Blueprints at random. Both have a 50% chance for all 3 draws.
All Cantina & Bazaar blueprints are of Special Rarity and upgrade with matching shards.
Must be deposited (Burned) and placed on a land to be used in the game.
Bazaar Bonus Content Can be burned inside of Million on Mars: Land Rush to for 10x stack of Bazaar Coins or a chance at 1x Random Artifact Shard 25% Common, 25% Uncommon, 20% Rare, 15% Epic, 10% Legendary, 4% Mythic, 1% Artifact Shard (Bazaar Coins are not sellable inside the game, so consider before Depositing!)