🏝️Land Plots

To buy your own plot of land in game, you need to start with a Land Deed or a Land Pack. We sell Land Packs and Land Deeds for Dusk in our Land Rush Shop, as well as on Neftyblocks and you can sometimes find them on AtomicHub. Check back frequently, or hang out in our Discord, to hear when new drops happen!

Land Packs contain 1 Land Voucher, and 5 common building blueprints. The Land Voucher will be at a random rarity. You might get lucky and obtain a Legendary Land!

If you can't find Land Packs on Neftyblocks or Land Rush Shop, try the player marketplace at AtomicHub!

Please note that in order to use your land pack in game, you need to open the pack!

I prefer the pack opening experience in Neftyblocks, so I navigated to "my gallery" and then "my packs" on Neftyblocks.com:

Cool! I got a common land deed, 2 common solar panels, and 3 common C.A.D.s. These are NFTs I can browse in my WAX wallet, and they will also now show up in game in my inventory.

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