๐Ÿ“–Million on Mars: Book One: Buffalo Commons

First in a planned series of novels

Million on Mars is book one in our narrative that explores the settlement of Mars in an epic drama that spans Earth, Mars, the asteroids, and the whole timeline of the 21st century as well as flashbacks to the 19th century. Hard sci-fi with literature quality character development. Think of this as Kim Stanley Robinsonโ€™s Mars Trilogy getting a full reboot informed by the age of SpaceX, NFTs and even a bit of post-sovereignty exploration of Snow Crash. Written by our CEO Keri Waters, Buffalo Commons is being innovatively published serially as NFT chapters, two per month, that have unique in-game utility as each chapter upgrades The Library building. As the Library is upgraded the player is drawn deeper into the narrative plot line and gains crafting recipes that are unique to The Library.

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