👥Player Driven Economy

The name Million on Mars comes from Elon Musk's and Robert Zubrin's speculation about how many people it will take for the economy of Mars to be self-sustaining, with a combination of domestic production, and export balances sufficient to support import of any needed goods that can't be produced domestically. We are growing the Mars metaverse to simulate these economic flows, with our crafting and in-situ manufacturing game mechanics. As such, we have a natural use case for a fully player-driven economy.

A player-driven economy, where players produce all the goods used in the economy for trade with other players, can more naturally find an equilibrium of supply and demand. Our hope is to realize this vision over time. First, we're creating all of the crafting chains and resources used in game, as we want to guarantee a high-quality experience. We believe our first job is to entertain -- empty metaverses are not entertaining. However, as the economy grows, we're shifting more of the crafting to players, and eventually even recipes, resources, and mission chains may be fully player-driven.

More about this on our blog here and here.

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