Million on Mars: Book One: Buffalo Commons is the narrative foundation to our Metaverse. We have taken the 18 key characters from Buffalo Commons and have created a collectible PFP collection. Being game developers, we are taking our collectible avatars up a level and are giving them in-game Utility in Million on Mars. The Martizens are first-class NFTs able to be traded on platforms such as FTX.com and Fractal.is and at the same time provide active gameplay value in Million on Mars.

For these 18 characters we have developed a rich set of 10 non-mutable visible traits with rarity levels

In addition to these visible traits with rarity that drive the interest in the collectible NFT market - we take it up a notch. We take it up five notches and add FIVE more key bits of game sauce:

  • Professions - non-mutable - we have over a dozen Professions for our Martizens - Roboticist, Botanist, and more!

  • Experience Levels - grows with play - the more work each Martizens performs, the more experience they gain and additional ability unlocks with their Profession.

  • Game Traits - non-mutable - we have six game traits that interact with the our other game systems - Smarts, Lucky, Charisma, etc

  • Blog - Each Martizens also maintains a blog of what they have accomplished as they progress

  • Token Rewards - Each Martizens comes imbued with a time-locked allotment of Dusk and Glitter tokens. See the Staking Rewards for a detailed review of these rewards.

Free Land Pack 7 Days after minting day, we will take a snapshot and every player with a Martizen NFT will receive a Gen2 Land Pack to be sure that your Martizen has a nice cozy homestead on the Red Planet.

Martizens Bankroll Rewards

From these 18 Key Characters, and the combination of visible Traits, Professions and Game Traits, we have created 10,000 Martizens that are first-class game systems themselves in Million on Mars.

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