The Game

Single server, single timeline MMO set in late 21st century Mars
Our first title, Million on Mars, is a SciFi crafting game, set in a plausible late 21st century where humans have built a sizable permanent human settlement on Mars. Inspired by the latest breakthroughs in space tech, Million on Mars aims to inspire a generation to commit to building a planet B!
The game is available at https://milliononmars.io​
As of this writing, the game is fully playable on either the WAX blockchain, or Solana. Players can start the game for free, with no wallet required, for three days. During that time they can play through the crafting tutorial, and experience all aspects of gameplay except:
  • Placing a land plot (all land plots are minted as NFTs)
  • Selling items in the marketplace (to discourage bots)