๐ŸŒŸIntroducing Glitter

A scarce token designed to store value

  • Fixed - One billion Glitter tokens with planned disbursement to maintain sustainable growth for both Million on Mars and across our portfolio of games.

  • Our Team is incentivized by the long-term stable growth, and opportunity to build additional services, games, metaverse expansions and platforms that utilize Glitter.

  • Minting License Tokens - grants the player to become a โ€œbusinessโ€ in our games - they create the NFTs that are then sold and consumed by other players.

  • Engaging Game Systems and Mechanics instead of Token Staking - we have a layered approach to accommodating many levels of investments of resources, time, and money, with different risk / reward / time options.

  • Governance - Meaningful voting options in launch roadmap, with long term potential to shape the economic growth and return on the games in our ecosystem. At this time Governance is an aspirational goal, and we will crawl, walk, run here with first practicing with "Orange" vs "Blue" roadmap choices.

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