♻️Depositing and Withdrawing Dusk

NOTE: On July 27th, 2023 we discontinued the ability to withdraw Dusk from the game. Why did we discontinue Dusk withdrawal: Update the game economics and the business model to focus on Play, Build and Own and to consciously steer away from the the folks who are interested only in Play To Earn Give Dusk distinct and clear utility as the token for the Player to Player trade systems in the game: Marketplace, Jobs, Renting. Dusk is the inflationary, engagement token that players collect from normal gameplay continuously.

Give Glitter distinct and clear utility as the single scarce, non-inflationary token that is able to be withdrawn and exchanged on a DEX on the Solana Chain Depositing of Dusk

To further encourage the return of Dusk from on-chain to be used in-game, we announced on July 27th, 2023 that the depositing of Dusk would be discontinued after August 1st, 2023. Starting on August 1st, 2023 - deposit of Dusk will incur a 25% fee, where the full fee amount will be sent to the main gameplay treasury - Ceres.

  1. On August 8th the fee will be set to 50%

  2. On August 15th the fee will be set to 75%

  3. On August 22nd the fee will be set to 90%

  4. On December 1st, 2023 when we will move it to 99% and effectively finish the transition of moving Dusk from on-chain to a purely virtual, in-game engagement token.

Previous Rules on Dusk Withdrawal Below:

Players who want to with Dusk have their choice of withdrawing to either the Solana blockchain via their Phantom wallet or to the Wax blockchain and then exchange their Dusk on the Raydium or Alcor exchanges respectively.

We do have conditions on being able to withdraw dusk to keep the economy clean and strong for all players

  • Must play for 14 days

  • Must acquire land plot

  • One game account per adult human player

  • No automated play

  • No abuse or exploitation Philosophically, we want highly engaged players who exercise a lot of strategy and skill in game to be able to earn limitless rewards, but we want the overall economy to remain balanced for all players. So, we will maintain a progressive system with a very high marginal rate at the top, but move to raise the thresholds for each tier as the economy expands.

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