💼Gameplay Rewards

250M Glitter Tokens (25%) are dedicated to the rewarding players for Gameplay of the Million on Mars Metaverse. These tokens are to stimulate player growth and engagement to cause growth. These tokens will also be distributed to various marketing efforts such as air drops and giveaways.

The team will balance growth of the project vs maintaining the Glitter token value. A key KPI for the team will be to maintain Glitter at stable value and enjoy moderate growth over time.

Planned Play & Own Token Budget Items

  • Founder Token Rewards - 5.1M

  • Martizens Bankroll Rewards - 6.2M

  • In-game rewards for the whole variety of game systems, via leaderboards and loot tables

  • Compensated Streamers and Podcasts

  • Airdrops, Giveaways and Prizes

  • Referral Rewards

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