🎲Core Game Components

This section is intended to help a person who holds Glitter to understand how the core game systems relate to the in-game economy. For a full overview of the game and how to play it, please see the Player Guide, or check out our Getting Started Series.

The core components of Million on Mars:

  • Workers - beginning players of Million on Mars who acquired an Access Pack and are starting the career of settling Mars. Workers may Scavenge, or Perform Work Orders in order to earn Dusk

  • Land Owners - the established players of Million of Mars who are building up their land plots with buildings to harvest and transform the resources of Mars to grow the Martian economy and profit in the process

  • Land Deeds and Land Plots to claim Land Plots and mint NFTs that 40 acre plots of land on Mars - each is absolutely unique and authentic to the exact latitude and longitude of that spot on Mars using the digital heightmaps from the HiRise project from JPL/University of Arizona sourced from the Mars Reconnaissance Observatory

  • Buildings and Building Blueprints - Million on Mars has started with four core buildings: Solar Panel, Water Filter and in 90 days has shipped an additional 20 core buildings for a total of 24 buildings that span the series Smelters and Sabatier Reactor to the playful Cantina and Tea Shop. Each building has its own schedule of Recipes that consume Resources and produce other Resources to further the Martian economy. Most recipes require Stamina in order to produce their results.

  • Stamina is the quantified energy mechanic. Players eat food, rations, drink coffee and other consumables to replenish their Stamina. Land Owners create Food via a rewarding Crafting chain that consumes solar energy, water, seeds, regolith, waste, soil and ultimately creates Food. All four of the core buildings are involved in the Food crafting cycle.

  • Resources and Recipes are the nouns and verbs of our crafting game system. Resources can be anything from humble soil to a Rover Chassis, and recipes are abound we already have hundreds of recipes and more are released every week

  • Marketplace and Shop - where players are able to buy raw materials, intermediate crafted resources, and final goods to trade with other players or purchase items directly from Million on Mars via Glitter, Dusk, or event tokens. There is a 5% tax

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