๐Ÿค˜Two Token Economy

One for day-to-day purchases, the other to fuel elder-player game systems and govern

Million on Mars employs a multi-token strategy for each of its titles. The two main tokens are Dusk for player to player trade and Glitter as the reward token for elder gameplay systems, GDE creators and for crafting of new items and minting NFTs and permanent level-ups in the game.

By scarce, we mean that Glitter is a fixed supply. The object is for Glitter to hold value and for it to rise, in order to fund our mission.

Dusk, on the other hand, is managed to be stable and to serve as in-game unit of trade in-game. Dusk is used for high-frequency transactions between players for the scores of resources players need to build up their settlements on Mars. If the value of Dusk is rising, then there is a motivation to hold the Dusk currency and not spend it. This slows down the economic velocity inside the game, which slows down greater participation and growth of the economy.

Glitter is consumed in-game as well, but designed and managed to grow in value. We use Glitter for the higher-value, lower frequency activities in the marketplace. Think of Glitter as the currency that is used to purchase franchises, business licenses, land, and other enduring rights to the economy.

  • Glitter is for low-frequency, high-value items and services.

  • Dusk is for high-frequency, everyday value items and services.

In general, when purchasing something directly from Million on Mars in the in-game shop or as a fee for a service between the player and Million and Mars, Inc. we treat these all as โ€œshop purchasesโ€ with the 80 / 20 rule for fee collection.

For example, Glitter is required to purchase Minting Tokens. These tokens are then used to โ€œbreathe lifeโ€ into a crafted Building Blueprint such as a Lava Tube Habitat and cause it to be minted as an NFT.

The Minting Token feature is an example of buy-side in-game utility. We have many more sinks, flows and fees. This section illuminates some details on these. However, we release new sinks weekly, and the latest information on those can be found in the Player Guide or in our Discord.

More about how we manage our tokens in concert in this recent article.

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