🏦Dusk 70 / 30 Rule

30% Reinvestment in Engagement Rewards - the Ceres Dynamic Treasury Pool

We generally follow the 70 / 30 rule, where 30% of all fees collected from players are re-invested in the Treasury to support ongoing play & own rewards. This replenishment from the fees acts to prevent inflation in the circulation supply of both the Glitter and the Dusk tokens.

30% Re-investment in the Treasury

The game boasts dozens of Dynamic Treasury Pools that track now only the Dusk and Glitter main treasury pools, but also all of the sub-pools and the pools dedicated to rare schematics and so on.

70% Goes to the Company (Glitter) or is Burnt (Dusk)

Glitter and Dusk are different tokens, with different value goals, and so the fee mechanics are necessarily different: Glitter Fees - 0% Pays for Operations

The 80% fees are swept to a company wallet daily, as viewable in the in-game Glitter Treasury where the company holds Glitter earned from fees publicly. We are very early in our mission and so the value of Glitter is quite modest at the time of this writing. The Company and the Team have no plans to sell Glitter at this time, our internal goals are to not even consider selling any Glitter until it trades at a much higher rate than at the time of this writing (July 23, 2023). That being said, this is a white paper, it is important to be as clear as possible, on the team's handling of the scarce token of Glitter. Here is a stack-rank algorithmic view of how we treat Glitter:

  1. Keep iterating on the business model and revenue facing options to ensure a flow of revenue for the core service to be funded far into the future. "No Bucks? No Buck Rogers!" a common refrain from a well-known Astronaut.

  2. Keep iterating on making the game more and more fun! Grow Engagement, Improve Retention

  3. Grow the player base with a healthy focus on potential payer conversion

  4. Keep adding more utility to Glitter

  5. Use Glitter as the Elder Game reward token

  6. One day, sell Glitter as a team and company and realize some revenue and profits from our efforts

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