♻️Withdraw and Deposit of Glitter and NFTs

Web3 codifying how game economies get liquid

Million on Mars is a game company, and not a financial product. However, it's clear that the time and effort invested by players in game creates value. Especially in a land-based crafting game such as ours, there are multiple drivers of real value:

  • The land in game is scarce. In particular, every 40 acre land plot in Million on Mars corresponds to a unique lat/long on the red planet. We have one planet and one timeline - the most faithful high res virtual Mars ever created. No additional land can be created.

  • The level of realism of the land plots makes it a valid large scale simulation of how an economy might unfold on Mars. We have generated the terrain using height maps from the HiRise Project, and layered on maps of available resources used in game, as rendered and provided by qualified planetary scientists. So far over a dozen different ores have been mapped in game, and their relative concentrations are being incorporated into the loot tables and drop rates in game. While we're not aiming to be a scientific simulation, and the main goal is entertainment, there is reason to believe the entire experiment at large scale may glean novel insights about how society may develop on Mars, given today's technology.

  • The crafting chains are rooted in realism, and the player-driven marketplace floats to establish accurate real-time pricing among its participants

Further, from an ethical and practical view, the team is passionate about being on the forefront of bringing digital property rights closer and closer to the ancient norms of real property rights, as we as a species continue to spend more and more of our lives in the digital realm.

Depositing Tokens and NFTs

Glitter can be deposited via the Phantom wallet into the Million on Mars game to be consumed in our many forms of utility - leveling up your professions, upgrading your buildings, purchasing of Minting Tokens.

Minting NFTs The Minting of NFTs generally consumes "Minting Tokens" and Minting Tokens roughly cost about one USD each. Minting Tokens are available for purchase in the shop for FIAT currency with a CC or USDC and supplies of Minting Tokens denominated in Glitter are available from time to time. Withdrawing Glitter In the case of Glitter, we have opted to launch without the progressive fee system, instead honoring the flat fee system (with discounts for founders token holders for the first year) as previously announced. Since Glitter is a scarce token, and also because our game systems have matured, we have better visibility and controls over the sourcing of Glitter, and can better avoid a winner-take-all scenario there.

There are additional requirements for eligibility to withdraw tokens of any kind, including 14 days from registration, owning a plot of land, and not being in violation of botting, multi-accounting or any of our terms of service. We may impose a requirement to be an active subscriber to withdraw Glitter, but do not have this requirement at this time

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