Our mission is to accelerate human space settlement.
You can learn more about why we're so passionate about human space settlement, and how we think the metaverse can help bring it forward, in our recent blog article.
With the deep immersion of our world-building, our characters and plot line - delivered across a deeply compelling economic simulation of setting Mars and diving deep into the in-situ crafting experience, we hope to inspire humanity to become multi-planetary.
Play-to-Own is the toolchain and the model that we have been waiting for - it unlocks the full potential of players to invest and own their proper stake in the economy of a massively multiplayer game.
We are already live on the Wax blockchain and our early player base is showing phenomenal retention, at over 60% DAU/MAU for our land owners. Additionally their monthly recurring investment is roughly 5x what a typical MMO achieves. Play-to-Own unlocks both deeper engagement and stronger investment, when players have full ownership of their digital assets.
By being so aligned with our players' interests, we're able to grow our revenue, and that creates a virtuous cycle where we can reinvest in an ever-expanding Martian Metaverse.