Refer a Friend
Duskworks Hand-Guide: Four Hands are better than Three.
The Duskworks programme has encouraged settlers to 'refer' inspiring frontiersman to Duskworks, those who do will be rewarded with 100% of the dusk fees they incur during their first ninety Sols. Make sure they use the link in our holo-wrist device and you will start receiving Dusk for your efforts in assisting in the colonization and industrialization of the Red Planet.
We all wish we can have all of our friends and social-media followers playing Land Rush with us, don't we? And we all like rewards. Well, here is our chance to do both: Get everyone you know into the game and claim rewards for bringing them!
Go to your in-game profile page, copy the link under "Refer a Friend" et voila! This link unique to you will ensure that you earn 100% of the treasury portion of their Dusk fees of the person you refer!
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